Takeaways from the NACA 2020 Conference

A Quick Overview of our NACA experiences this year...

Kyle Dubben | January 20, 2020

IAS Claims adjusters attended the 44th annual NACA Convention last month in Las Vegas. In fact, we had the privilege of being the show’s title sponsor. The National Association of Catastrophe Adjusters hosts this conference yearly to encourage education, sharing and networking within the adjuster community.

While we had a blast in Vegas, we also learned quite a bit. Here are some of our top takeaways from NACA 2020:

The Adjusters:  The quality of adjusters seems to continue to improve at NACA every year. Each year, we meet more and more adjusters that share with us how the industry is changing and how we can work together to continue our growth. This show continues to be a very efficient place to grow your network as an insurance adjusting firm.

The IA’s:  On the flip side of that coin, many of the largest IA firms are in attendance. For an adjuster, this is one of the better shows to introduce yourself to the decision makers at these firms, and try to build your book of business or get more claim volume.

Entry-Level Accessibility:  Classes for the entry-level adjusters are a must-attend for anyone new to the industry. The information and war stories shared by industry leaders can save new adjusters lots of costly mistakes.

Our own Doug Hubby was among the industry veterans that put on one of these well-attended classes.

What to Expect as a New Adjuster
What to expect as a new adjuster

Mentoring:  There seemed to a return to thoughts on mentoring this year, both on the “being” and the “finding” sides. We tend to think that companies that start moving down this path will be the ones reaping the most rewards in the long term. This is, after all, a complex business with a ton of nuances, and not an easy one to dive right into. Creating a network of experts to compliment and guide you is a must. Even if you’re an expert yourself, finding those who have different skillsets, or just sharing your knowledge with new adjusters can have its own, often unexpected rewards. This year’s conference aided in networking for both new and experienced adjusters, allowing everyone to trade industry stories, secrets, and tips along the way.

Continuing Education:  In our opinion, in addition to all the other benefits the show offers, you definitely shouldn’t count out the continuing education opportunities as part of the value. NACA provides a well-managed show that can most likely earn you just about all the continuing education you need for the year.

In Summary...

Overall, the IAS team had a great time at NACA 2020 and we look forward to attending in the years to come.

We picked up some invaluable information, met and networked with leaders in the industry, hung out with friends old and new, and finished the show excited to apply our new knowledge and to leverage our new relationships as we continue to grow.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

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