Wood Damage Inspection

What are wood shakes and wood shingles? Wood shakes and shingles are trees that have been sawn into sections and the are split into pie shaped sections. They are then resawn into shakes or wood shingles. Wood shakes and Shingles are different in their shapes and size. The typical wood shake is taper sawn and […]

Claims Adjuster Time Techniques

Claims adjusters work for insurance companies, banks, and other firms to evaluate the legitimacy and accuracy of damage claims. They conduct research and spend time in the field assessing property damage and usually manage multiple claims simultaneously. Depending on workload, many claims adjusters work irregular weekly schedules, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends to accommodate […]

Rebranding to Davies

Over the next two weeks, IAS will begin operating as Davies. As we embark on this exciting journey, our business will continue to run as usual with our service and your point of contact remaining unchanged. What does this mean for you? Email After the change, our emails will be coming from FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME@US.DAVIES-GROUP.COM, so please […]

Introducing Mansard Roofs

mansard roof

Welcome back to the IAS Learning Academy! So far we have discussed terminology, gable and hip roofs. This month, we are highlighting the pros and cons of Mansard Roofs.  Mansard Roof: A mansard roof, also known as a French roof, is a four-sided roof with a a double slope on each side that meet, forming […]

Introducing Hip Roof Types

Welcome back to the IAS Learning Academy! As you recall, the goal of this portion of the newsletter is to improve building knowledge for our independent adjuster population. We are now three articles into our roofing systems series. So far we have discussed terminology and gable roofs. This month, we are highlighting the pros and […]

Introducing Gable Roof Types

Below is a list of 15 Different Roof types an adjuster might encounter when completing their inspection. These types of roofs can be part of both residential and commercial roofing systems. Each Roof is unique in its style and design, and each must be measured differently to attain the proper square footage for replacement. In […]

IAS Welcomes Aubrey Sumlin

We are excited to announce the addition of Aubrey Sumlin to the IAS recruiting team. Aubrey will be responsible for leading a growing team of recruiters while transforming the operation for a more centralized and consistent experience for our valued adjusters. Her background across multiple IA firms has given her a good perspective on what […]

Why are catastrophe (CAT) teams an identity and access risk?

While some insurance companies have full-time CAT teams, others use a variety of CAT team staff, part-time use of staff from other departments, and third-party adjusters (TPA). While each organization is different, CAT teams can pose both a vendor access risk and an internal short-term “mover” identity and access risk. Third-Party Adjusters (TPA) As the […]

What Deployment Equipment Does an Adjuster Need?

If you are an insurance claims adjuster, you might want to think about deployment equipment you will need for the job. Let’s take a look at some of the necessary items you don’t want to leave at home.  Laptop or Tablet You will need to stay in touch with the latest industry news, organize your […]

IAS Claim Services Has Been Acquired by the Davies Group

Davies expands its property field adjusting and TPA solutions in North America through the acquisition of IAS Claim Services IAS has been acquired by the Davies Group, a multi-award-winning specialist professional services and technology business headquartered in London, England. IAS Claim Services will add significant scale and expertise to Davies’ property claim operations in the […]