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At IAS, we’re the Trusted Partner that gives you peace of mind.
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How you evolve isn’t nearly as important as who you evolve with.

In an industry built on risk, perhaps the most daunting thought is facing the winds of change alone. A revolving workforce, ever-evolving regulations, the emergence of new technologies and the shifting consumer expectations that come with them – at times it can seem as though processing claims from a hurricane or hail storm is the least of your worries.

At IAS, we get it – which is why we’ve built our business and reputation on guiding carriers through every aspect of the claims process for more than 35 years. Insurance carriers deserve a trusted, consistent partner to help guide them through whatever lies ahead, and that’s what we promise to deliver. Whether it’s through the wreckage of a literal storm, or lighting the path through the shifting business landscape of tomorrow. Because at the end of the day, we believe that how you evolve isn’t nearly as important as who you evolve with.


We believe that you deserve a Trusted Partner that helps balance Loss Adjustment Expense and Indemnity, while maximizing Return on Investment in the process.

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Why Choose IAS

the ias difference

A Deeper Look at IAS Differentiation

Service Execution


We lead the industry in speed to closure by granularly tracking, managing and reporting the Time in Process (TIP) for every file


We lead the industry in quality by reviewing 100% of your files and providing every Adjuster customer specific training and performance feedback

Customer Satisfaction

We lead the industry in customer satisfaction by hiring only adjusters aligned with our core values focused on passion, ownership, integrity, and excellence

Coverage & Scale


Our network covers all 50 states to ensure rapid response to any claim request


Our network is clustered in regions where our Carrier Partners have the greatest density of Policies in Force (PIF)


Our network of over 5,000 Adjusters provides us ample capacity for any large event(s) in support of our Carrier Partners

Tailored Experience

Focused On YOUR Customer

IAS has the ability to design, build, and deliver unique customer experiences based on your specific requirements

Carrier Specific

IAS has the ability to implement custom process and change initiatives to meet the needs of the most complex operations

Single Point of Contact

Our Carrier contacts work with one primary point of contact to handle all of their business needs and responsibilities

Customer Centric Model

One Leader

We designate one senior business unit leader and support staff wholly accountable for the execution of all of your services.

Simplified Management

Our process simplifies issue management, service delivery, and communications

Continuous Improvement

Our process team provides focus on improving customer experience and accelerated value creation



We've developed a patent pending auto-assignment algorithm to ensure the correct resources receive claims based on licensing, skills, location, certification and workload


IAS has deployed a proprietary web-based claim system, integrating scheduling, adjuster recruiting and ranking, license management and catastrophe management


We work with carefully moderated partners to deploy state of the art software and hardware solutions: including drones, scheduling, satellite, and auto-mapping technology solutions

Trusted Partner

Tailored Partnerships

IAS has proactively reduced the number of carrier relationships over the past several years to allow for increased investment in strategic relationships

Better Relationships

IAS is focused on building strategic relationships with our clients to allow for greater engagement, shared product evolution, and long term focus

Continued Investment

We're investing heavily in dedicated resources to service our valued clients, including additional staffing throughout our network, and expanding our dedicated desk and QC facilities

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Average Time in Process

0.2 days
3.4 days
5.8 days

*Xacitmate dataset clients

“Claim was done perfectly! Inspection was timely, reports and QA approvals done quickly. IAS paid attention to all details while scoping insured's home. Photos were clear and labeled properly and in order of scope of claim. The professionalism and detailed report, is very much appreciated! Thank you so much for making this claim seamless and prompt!”

Lead Claims Reinspector

“Met today with our adjuster. You should know he is personable and friendly, well-versed technically, thorough and professional. Your adjuster is an outstanding asset.”

Happy Policy Holder

“Your documentation of the review of the supplement was detailed and made perfect sense. Can we clone you?”


“You have been a tremendous help. These storms have been tough on us with snow in NJ and hurricanes in Florida this year. You have been wonderful to work with!”

Claims Leader

“I have nothing but great things to say about my adjuster. He was very polite. He acted very professional and business like. You should be proud to have someone like that working for you.”

Another Satisfied Customer

35+ Years Of experience with over 500,000 claims worked.