Working Out While You Work

September 3, 2013

SAN ANTONIO — Most people have a lot on their plate these days. From making a living to taking care of things around the house and of course for some folks taking care of the kids.

While that might sound like constant motion for most people it’s not..

At work much of the time may be spent sitting behind a desk.

When it comes to personal stuff like running errands and dropping or picking the kids up from school much of that time is spent sitting in the driver’s seat.

So why not try to multitask and get more than one thing done at a time

That’s what Brian Urioste does at his place of employment cloud computing company Rackspace. The senior director of enterprise marketing is often running from meeting to meeting and seldom ends of sitting at a desk.  With that being the case 7 years ago he started putting his laptop on the top of a bunch of stuff piled on top of desk so he could stand instead of sit.

One year later he was given a desk where he could raise of lower the desktop and he says for the most part it always stays up so he is forced to stand instead of sit.

Over at IAS Claim Services CEO Larry Cochran also stands while he works but he says this was not his choice.

Cochran says a back problem and the possibility of surgery forced him to get creative while he worked.

Sitting in a chair all day had become too painful so about 6 months ago he invested in a desk with an adjustable top. But he also took things to another level. Cochran added a treadmill that fits under his desk to the mix.

Now he spends some of his day walking at his standing desk. Some time just standing and working. And for part of the day he lowers his desktop and sits.

Cochran says it has made him much more productive and overall happier.