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Property Services

Deploying commercial and residential adjusters with professionalism, sensitivity and expertise

We understand the far-ranging implications of personal and commercial property losses to you and your client, especially in cases where your client or the property is highly visible. IAS has provided claims adjusting services for some of the largest, most complex and most sensitive loss situations in the U.S., and we are referred over and over again because of this expertise.

Commercial Property

We are on the scene as soon as we are allowed, working to gather as much data as possible. Our team of experts work together to accurately assess the impact of a commercial loss however large. Whether the claim involves a single item of property or results in multiple claims, we deploy the resources needed to quickly provide you with the data you need to accelerate closure.

Residential Property

Large-loss personal property claims often require a high level of professionalism, sensitivity and expertise. Because our adjusters are employees, they are accountable to ensuring your satisfaction not only with the claim but also with the way that your client is treated during the process. From single-incident loss to ongoing daily claims adjusting, you receive the same level of professionalism and attention to detail from IAS.

Lender Placed Insurance

IAS is a pioneer in providing claims adjusting service for property portfolios owned by financial services institutions. This specialty area demands expertise in both residential and commercial claims as well as agility in delivering results quickly. IAS provides lender placed insurance claims adjusting for some of the largest firms in the nation.