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IAS Claim Services Relocates

Date: May 23, 2010

IAS Claim Services, one of the leading independent insurance claim services firms in the United States, announced it has completed its relocation of the company's headquarters, customer service center and training facility to San Antonio, Texas. The move underscores the company's commitment to innovate new concepts to deliver value through claim services.

"For all of our clients and employees we wanted this move to be exciting"

"This move marks the culmination of a three year migration plan and the beginning of a new era for IAS," said IAS Claim Services' CEO Larry Cochran. "San Antonio is a great place to have a state-of-the-art claims operation for many reasons, including the synergies from San Antonio being a major hub for call centers and customer service centers."

The new IAS Claim Services headquarters integrates the latest telecommunications for client service and the IAS ClaimCare customer service center, as well as a full-service training facility and flex-space for quality assurance representatives and catastrophe management that will allow IAS to rapidly ramp up or down for claim events.

"For all of our clients and employees we wanted this move to be exciting," said Cochran.
"And it has been exciting in how we've combined the latest technologies with the clustering of our client and service teams very compactly to create new innovations for our clients."