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Major Company-wide Advancements

Date: July 24, 2007

Major Company-wide Advancements:

New Web-based claim system offers clients transparent, real-time view of claims being handled by IAS Ability to integrate IAS claim system with any client system to offer rapid adjustment services with advanced quality control New system allows IAS to conduct claim operations anywhere globally without risk of interruption due to disasters or other localized risks

Started new 24/7/365 IAS ClaimCare™; Center located in San Antonio, TX

Trained specialists using state-of-the-art communications technology to provide personalized, fast service to insureds, managers and field adjusters center to provide myriad of communications reports and statistics to assist our clients improve the overall customer experience during CATs, daily adjustment and TPA services

Moved all web and email servers to off-site Tier 1 level facilities for redundant backup and uptime guarantee during disasters

Designed and implemented new CAT storm operations processes to ensure rapid response and high quality service delivery for 2007 storm season

Began new incentive plan for experienced CAT adjusters to ensure continuous recruitment and retention of highest quality adjusters

Launched new website to provide improved client portal and informational support