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August 19th USAA Certification Webinar

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the USAA Certification Class (webinar) to be hosted by IAS Claim Services has been rescheduled for Monday, August 19th @ 9:00am CST.
All Adjusters interested in registering for this certification, must first be a member of the IAS Claim Services Adjuster roster.
You can complete your IAS Adjuster/User profile at

Additionally, any Adjuster interested in attending this certification webinar must pre-register with Craig Witt, via email at
Upon receipt of pre-register confirmation, you will receive webinar login/password details.

Certification Requirements:
A minimum of 3 years of property adjusting
experience is required.

Special Requirements:
Military Veterans must have at least 1 year of property
adjusting experience to meet USAA’s requirement.

Contact Info:

USAA Certification

Craig Witt

Mark Duggan