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The answer to all your claim outsourcing needs

IAS Claim Services third-party administration division provides a cost-effective alternative for your company to outsource all or part of the claims process. As technology and staffing costs escalate, IAS Claim Services can offer insurers and self-insured entities superior quality work, responsiveness and professionalism far more cost-effectively than they can build in-house.

Current Client TPA Operations

We currently serve several Domestic insurers in addition to servicing the London Market.

Domestic Insurers

Total Claims Outsourcing

Our client dedicated units provide "cradle to grave” services from the first notice of loss to claim payment – for property and casualty claims.

Desk Adjusting
Our dedicated units assist our clients during peak claim periods or when internal staffing issues arise

  • Claim Intake Specialists are ready to handle your First Notice of Loss duties 24x7x365
  • We specialize in theft, lightning, vandalism, vehicle and condo assessment claims
  • Utilize our dedicated Contents Adjusting Unit
  • Our RCC Specialists evaluate and negotiate Replacement Cost Coverage payments

  • London Market

    We are experienced in servicing the requirements necessary under binding authority programs.

  • Nationwide Loss adjusting
  • Management of Loss Funds
  • Direct and manage third party experts and litigated claims
  • Production of Bordereau (Lloyd's Reporting Standards)

    Reduce Claims Administration Costs

    IAS eliminates the need to:

  • Purchase specialized claims administration software and licenses
  • Deploy additional infrastructure, such as call centers, servers and websites
  • Source and train qualified administrators
  • Identify and build a pool of experienced, trustworthy adjusters
  • Support users\

    Managing Performance

  • Assistance in establishing Best Practices
  • Measuring your Service Level Objectives for continuous process improvement
  • Customized reporting
  • Total Claims Outsourcing